_ LJ-10 (brute IV)

  • 2cyl. 2 stroke
  • 359cc.
  • Air Cooled.
  • 25hp @ 5500rpm
  • 3 passengers
  • Rel Differential: 5,66:1
  • Weight 586Kg.
  • Transfer: 2 speed: Low 3.01:1 y High 1.74:

In 1970, Suzuki Motor finally introduces relatively massive market-wheel drive vehicles of small size and low cost, under the name LJ10 and with the trade name 360 or BRUTE IV JIMNY. This multi-purpose vehicle had an engine similar to Mitsubishi ME24 was manufactured by Suzuki and that raises his power to 25HP.

As the Ministry of Transport of Japan since 1949 required that the vehicles are classified according to their size and capacity to issue permits to manufacture them and their taxes, LJ should be located in the segment called Kei-car, which had to meet certain requirements, including a smaller engine displacement to 550 cubic centimeters, in addition, Suzuki was asked to the LJ10 was within ten feet LENGTH, for which the spare tire placed at the rear of the cabin and a seat next unit, which could carry the LJ only 3 people.

Jimny’s name stems from an error on a trip to Scotland Suzuki executives because they had intended to christen their new range of four wheel drive vehicles as Jimmy, a word they had heard in that country, but by language problems, to reach Japan entered the name incorrectly.

The letters L and J have their origin in the combination of the English Light and American vehicle brand Jeep, which allows us to understand this new terrain light corresponds to a Jeep.

The Suzuki was a pretty rustic vehicle which had nothing to escape to basics for its operation, riding a two-cylinder engine running at 359cc two-stroke air-cooled, which reached a stunning top speed of 75Km / h, with which he could not apply the test of acceleration from 0 to 100km / h. Option was to canvas doors and roof of the same material.

In August 1971 the U.S. magazine Motor Trend, performs a comparative Brute IV (named as Jimny 360, and that was not imported to the USA, but that only made him sole importers in very limited units) carrying tire rim 16 ” sorpredió and that its small engine, its right hand drive and outstanding qualities TT versus large machines like the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, Jeep CJ-5 and the International Scout II. Thanks to the good comments received by this Japan’s signature 4×4 decide to start work on improvements to move forward in their four-wheel drive cars.


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