_ LJ-20

In 1972, changes are made to the Suzuki LJ, and two lamps are installed in front of the single lamp replacement, one parking and one for turning.

It replaces the mask front of three horizontal bars and uses a vertical bar, but the major change is the use of water as the medium of engine enfriemiento, which in this version is taken to 28HP @ 5500rpm

  • 2cyl. 2 stroke
  • 359cc.
  • Water cooled.
  • 28hp @ 5500rpm
  • Torque: 3.8 kgm. @ 5000 rpm.
  • DXC: 61 x 61.5 mm.

LJ for the first time could be found with hard metal roof (Hard Top), and its export begins tentatively, with the production of LJ’s with the steering wheel to the left.

The public reception of this new version was very good, and many of these 4wd sold in Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

Existing versions were the LJ20, with a canvas roof and doors of the same material and LJ20V (NPV), with rigid roof and metal doors.

The first, in the style of military vehicles allowed to strip the roof and internal rods, which may bring down the windscreen and tie it to the hooks were located in the mudguard medioante a mooring canvas. Version rims and tires mounted closed loop 15.


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