SJ-410K/SJ-413K/Samurai LWB

Throughout the history of the Suzukis 4×4 versions include utilitarian pickup (truck), which mixed the high-road qualities of these little ones with the possibility of transporting materials, tools, supplies and many more things to different terrains, without limit as the roads thanks to its four-wheel drive and off road characteristics.


These versions were sold at much less than the model Suzuki jeeps, and also imported a few countries, which now transforms into exotic and highly prized items among enthusiasts of Japan’s signature. These machines share the mechanics and aesthetics of existing models, showing the size difference overseas, where were longer and where in later years, with the model Samurai, would introduce long wheelbase: LWB (Long Wheel Base). These vehicles accounted for the LJ series, with models LJ81; in the series was called SJ410 SJ-K, and in countries like Australia was named as Stockman.

SUZUKI SJ410-K / SJ413-K (1982-1986)

By 1981 the new platform is introduced SJ, and thus the pickup version SJ410-K, which rode a 997cc engine with 45hp, and used a body cut behind the doors of SJ410, with room for two passengers and head restraints on the rear window. With an independent cargo box sides and folding gangway and maintaining accurate aparinecia with SJ410 model with an improved engine, very fast and economical. Using the same differential relations of the model boxes and jeeps.

For 1984, the evolution of SJ is also effective in the truck model, since the sample SJ413 K version with the 1.3-liter engine and with the mask and the board reviewed, with respective 5-speed box and its differential relations and agreed to transfer 413.

SJ410K The model showed very high sales in both Asia and in Africa and the countries of Central and South America such as Peru, where the K had a great response.  The SJ413K Suzuki sold in very good shape in Australia and Africa, where this version was widely used in Safari. Unfortunately, the Suzuki Pick Up not survive the new revision of the Si: The Samurai in Japan and not continue to sell versions Pickup.

Engine: F10A
4 cylinders in line, OHC.
Engine: 970CC, CR: 8.8:1.
Power: 45 HP @ 5500 RPM.
Torque: 7.5KG.M @ 3OOO RPM
65.5 x Stroke 72.0mm diameter



Transmission: 4-speed Manual, (1st) 3.14, (2nd) 1.95, (3rd) 1.42, (4th) 1.00, (rev) 3.45. Value Differential: 4.11, Box tranfer: High: 1,581, Low: 2.511

Engine: G13BA
1.298cc OHC
Stroke 74.0mm x 75.5mm diameter.
62HP @ 6000rpm.
10.3 kgm @ 3500rpm.
Differential: 3,91
HI: 1,409: – LOW: 2.271

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual, (1st) 3.65, (2nd) 1.96, (3rd) 1.38 (4th) 1.00, (rev) 0.80. Value Differential: 3.91, Box tranfer: High: 1,409, Low: 2.271

In 1996 it begins building in Silver Company Linares Santana Motors in Spain, PickUp version of the Suzuki Samurai LWB, with gasoline and oil engines, this was the LWB version of Samurai which he drew the canvas or fiber roof and rear seats, where he placed a fiber windscreen behind the seats and closed, thus the back was transformed into a cargo crate when installed rear railings on the sides, magically the Samurai truck became

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