1974 brought the LJ50 or known as Jimny 550 or SJ10, another incremental improvement in the LJ lineup. With the changes in the Japanese automobile class specifications, Suzuki was able to increase the size of the engine.

Suzuki LJ50 built 1977

By adding a third cylinder, the new 539cc water cooled 2-stroke engine produced 33 horsepower available a bit lower in the rpm band, addressing one of the biggest complaints about the LJ series from markets outside of Japan.

LJ50 (Jimny 550 or SJ10)

This engine was known for being very torquey for its size. Though still under powered by American standards, the truck was at least now capable of reaching 60mph despite a 100lb weight gain. Along with engine size allowances, the class rules allowed the spare tire tobe mounted to the rear of the truck on the tail gate, providing room for a fourth seat.


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